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Carnivore Crisps

Mark Bell Box

Mark Bell Box

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Carnivore Crisps....why do I love You? Let me count the ways.

1- High Protein
2- Low carb
3- Amazing taste
4- It has the crunch that can be missing from that low carb lifestyle
5- Low calorie Portable protein that’s non-perishable
6- Only 2 ingredients: Meat and salt
Carnivore Crisps are in a class by itself- everything you need and nothing you don’t!


Mark Bell's favorite. Contains 100% grass fed beef top sirloin, 100% grass fed beef ribeye, 100% grass fed beef brisket, 100% grass fed beef heart( if available ) , and 100% free ranged chicken breast. All 1.5 oz bags. Made with only meat and (Redmond real) salt. Best suit(ed) for your carnivore diet. 


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