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What are we?

Carnivore Crisps is a lean, all-natural, and delicious alternative to conventional snacking. Born out of necessity, we noticed that the snack market lacked a completely healthy option with the savory crunch of Carnivore Crisps. Many so-called health snacks are loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients, or they provide clean ingredients but lack sufficient protein to keep you sustained and satisfied.

Carnivore Crisps bridges this gap by offering the best cuts of meat, delivering a crispy crunch typically only found in chips. Finally, you can snack the way nature intended, with a product that truly helps you reach your peak performance. Made with real meat and real salt, our crisps are:

  • Carnivore diet approved
  • Packed with 11 grams of protein per serving
  • Made from pasture-raised beef from USA family farms
  • Grass-fed and free from hormones
  • Keto-friendly

Enjoy a snack that supports your health and satisfies your cravings.