About us

Welcome to Carnivore Crisps! The passion project of 25+ years in the meat industry.

I am surrounded by friends that are always trying to get the edge. High performers that don't cut corners. I have always liked creating great new dishes, while entertaining and with friends and family. This particular idea came to me while having dinner with a bunch of Brazilian friends. Hard working, super fit and passionate about their food.

My cousin would teach me the way of the Gaucho. The Braziaiiln way of meat preparation that utilizes rock salt. You basically pack the rock salt on your marbled piece of protein and grill it to perfection. Layers of flavors and multiple dimensions were brought out that you never would realize were possible with just salt.

Well with this we didn't just bring any salt, we partnered with the best Keto, Carnivore salt in the world..REAL SALT !

Later I started a jerky company and butcher shop that would bring these skills full circle. I had been making jerky as a passion project and am always experimenting and working late into the night trying out new recipes. There are many fads in the food industry, I'm here to say that once you try our crisps you will never look back. The deep flavors and portability of this product along with the tremendous health benefits of Grass Fed and Free Range proteins, bringing our world full circle back to the native lands working with clean minimalistic ingredients - whole muscle, fats, and the best REAL SALT on the planet, and we bring you Carnivore Crisps.


Hans Hippert