Collection: Carnivore Dog

Made with grass-fed meat and Redmond real salt. 100% human-graded dog treat. Money back guarantee if your dog doesn't like it

Only 2 Ingredients 

Grass Fed Meat and Redmond Real Salt


If your dog doesn't like it, we will refund the full amount back to you

Human Grade

Use the same standard as Carnivore Crisps when making. The only treat that you know what your dog is eating

Something About Us

Being in the business for over 11 years now and working with meat and people in the meat industry you learn a lot of things. Things that are right and things that are not right.

It's was clear to see the waste, the cost of goods by the amount of travel and hands that are on the product.
When the cutting loss can be up to 30-45% of the animal, that's a real problem.

My wife and I have been in the jerky industry since 2010. I could see the problems, and right away, we began working on solutions.

From being creative and developing our dog treat line, to finding other homes for other cuts.
Ribeye, filet mignon, and NY strip steaks are big sellers.

But what about the other cuts?
The some 30-40 cuts depending on the butcher's knowledge?
Where do those go?

Well, we have found answers to not only these questions but more.
From harnessing the most prized fat on the planet, the "SUET" to offering this and other hard-to-get cuts for our tribe.

Our creativity and your rebellious side to not go along with the status who have brought this amazing opportunity!

We are the future, and with our knowledge of the truth of nutrition, we will be the ones who lead the charge for a healthier body and mind.