My order shows no progress for tracking:

Due to COVID we sometimes have issues with USPS and UPS not scanning every package upon pickup, and we did ship out your order. Please wait for the postal service to deliver your order. If you still haven't received your package within 30 days, please reach out to us and we will investigate this matter further.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order:

We typically start processing your order within 1 hour after you have placed your order. If the changes are submitted within 1 hour, we can help with it, but there is no guarantee that we can perform the changes. Unfortunately, once the order is shipped, we can’t make any changes to the order.

I don’t like the flavor, can I ask for a refund/ replacement:

This is a CLEAN CARNIVORE product.If you do not like the flavor we cannot offer anything else at this time.

My crisps is too soft, not crispy at all:

Due to the high temperature during transporting & delivery (especially in the summer months), your crisps might be soft and not crispy. You can air fry or oven bake at the lowest setting for 5-15 min to make it crisps again

My crisps is too thick or too fat:

Due to being 100% sustainable, we use all parts of the cow and parts like the brisket, ribeye, and sirloin do contain a high amount of nutritious fat. Please beware of this as we will not issue a refund or replacement for crisps that are fatty or too thick.

There is a weird taste of my crisps:

If there is an "off taste", we ask that you send the product back to us in original packaging for use to inspect. If it is found that there is an issue on our end we will give a full refund and refund the return shipping costs to you. NOTICE, chicken skins have a completely different smell and taste than regular chicken breasts. They are light and crispy but also fatty for the flavor. If you have not made or tried air fried chicken skins please be aware of this as we will not refund your purchase if you do not like the taste. If it is a quality issue we will, of course, refund the product after inspection.

Please ship the package back to us for inspection and we will reach out to you for a solution after we receive your returned package.

Missing crisps or wrong order shipped:

Please take a photo with a clear date code and a picture of the invoice with the signed name on it and submit a response. We will contact you for a refund or a replacement.

Didn't receive delivered package:

Liability is placed in the hands of the mailing service as soon as we hand it to them. If lost or stolen packages occur after we submit package then they are 100% liable for any shipping issues. For USPS orders, please file a claim with USPS via: https://usps.force.com/emailus/s/. For UPS orders, please submit a package lost request to us and provide as much details as possible. We will file the claim for you as UPS only allows the sender to file a claim.

Does it ship to my country:

We currently don’t ship to Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, India, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, Indonesia, and United Kingdom due to import restrictions.

For Australia orders, we are limited to only allow to ship 12 bags to Australia. Any order with more than 12 bags will not have shipping rate shown.

Do you sell your products in a physical store:

We only have 1 store location and it is the only location that will have our product on the shelf. The address is 3310 S Jones Blvd f2, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Always welcome you to come by and say hi.

My coupon code doesn't work:

Most influencers codes are for first time buyer and excludes subscriptions. Email campaign discount code typically only exclude subscription. For specific limitation, please refer to the email campaign.