Bison Pizza

Bison Pizza

Recipe by @ketoxjunkie

Let's make a deep dish crustless pizza using Great Range Bison ground bison meat! You heard me meat

Recipe is simple (and have fun with it)
Meat mixture:
Ground your bison meat
I seasoned it with Dak's Spices green zest and original red
Then seasoned with Trader Joe's pizza seasoning
Poured in Melinda's Foods pizza hot sauce
Remove the meat
Crisp up some pancetta and then add your bison meat back in and mix together remove and set aside

Sauteed mushrooms, green and red peppers and onions in Bacon Up Bacon Grease

Start assembling your pizza:
Spread some Rao's Homemade pizza sauce
Pour on your meat mixture
Add some veggies
Sprinkle on some cheese
Added black olives
Finished with crushing up and sprinkling on Carnivore Crisps bison meat

Place under the broiler until everything is nice and crispy

This is definitely something I will make over and over again and the skies the limit with the ingredients.
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