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This is my new favorite way to enjoy Heart Carnivore Crisps!

Your New Favorite Cheeseball Recipe

8 ounces of your favorite cream cheese
4 ounces of your favorite cheese, shredded
1-2 tablespoons your favorite seasoning (I used an organic chive dip mix)
Salt, if needed
1 bag Carnivore Crisps heart crumbs

Blend all ingredients in a large bowl with a wooden spoon or electric mixer. The electric mixer cuts up the cheese into smaller pieces, but a wooden spoon works if you don't have one. Just make sure the cream cheese is room temp, if mixing with a spoon for easier mixing.

Give the crumbs an extra mashing with a rolling pin or something heavy to make sure they are small-ish. Sometimes you get nice big chunks in there! Dump the crumbs on a plate and run your fingers through the crumbs to separate them.

I don't keep plastic wrap so I used the leftover plastic from the Bunker Hill Cheese raw gouda to shape a ball with half the mixture. You can also make one big cheese ball, but I like the way the smaller cheeseball looks. Roll cheese into crumbs and press crumbs into cheese with your hands. Make sure every bit is covered for MAXIMUM NUTRIENT DENSITY!

Be sure to serve at room temperature, though or else you will make the same mistake I did in the video and the cheese will be crumbly. And literally the perfect dipper is MORE Carnivore Crisps!

Garnished with my own organic rosemary.
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