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I was surprised with FLOURS the other day. No, I didn’t make a grammatical error in my previous sentence… I really was gifted with FLOURS… Animal-based FLOURS from my love, Carnivore Crisps!

My stunning bouquet consisted of a few different flours that are currently decorating my kitchen nicely

* Beef Flour
* Chicken Flour
* Beef & Organ Blend Flour

These flours aren’t just “pretty to look at” though, they’re insanely helpful in adding EXTRA protein to any dish you incorporate one or all of them into and/or offer up a sexy, flavorful CRUST to recipes… Much like the Beef and Organ Blend variety offers my Crispy Hasselback Salmon Recipe (that’s stuffed with Carnivore Crisps Ribeye Crumbs)!

Why not TREAT YOURSELF… To some FLOURS After all, self love is the most important, right?

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