What we need to be ready for ....

What we need to be ready for ....


Hello, my tribe,
This weekend was an eventful one. Anyone who knows me knows I work a lot. I am in the office from 6-7 during the week and then on weekends a little later. Well, yesterday I had my daughter with me ( long story but she didn't want to go to her language lessons ), so we said, "OK, you can come to work with Daddy." Typically she would not want this option, but she was willing to do ANYTHING to get out of her lessons.

So we went in around 8, and I got my day going, and around 11:30, a police officer came into the store. We love our police and always take care of them, but this visit was for something different. We had met before, but officer Drew was here because of my neighbor, a young woman who had just been robbed at gunpoint, at 11 am in broad daylight!

Well, when the police had asked, we went through the cameras. ( In a previous life, I designed and built surveillance systems for casinos) After our first robbery about 3 years ago, I upgraded and put in IP cameras.
So, we saw the guy and got some footage of the suspect coming and going and which way he left, the time of the incident, and it looked like he might have come from a car that dropped him off.

The officer then left, and Ava and I went to the new jewelry store at the end of the complex and spoke with them. They said that they didn't have any video of that man at that time... Damn...

So we went back to my office, and I thought, what if he came to the complex earlier and showed himself? So I went back to about a couple of hours of video and guess what?? We saw him come out of an SUV. We had a break in the case! Ava and I ran over to the officers that had the scene roped off and grabbed the detective. He was stoked!

After we showed the video, they now had a car though the video I had showed him taking off his plates. And when he drove by, he had already taken off the plates, so there was no ID for the SUV. Damn... but then we went back to the jewelry store and told them this is what we are looking for, a white SUV at this time around this time, and guess what... They had the video of him pulling in before removing the plate. BOOM! Literally, within 2 hours after we showed the video, our LV Metro caught the bad guys! HELL YES !!

We were robbed about 3 years ago. That is a horrible feeling! You feel so vulnerable and violated. My kids were traumatized, and my son literally slept with his baseball bat next to his bed in case the bad guys came to our home. This is an awful feeling. As a parent, all you want to do is keep your kids safe!

But what can you do? Well, we upgraded our security, I now have my Glock 17 in my office, and as an unofficial butcher, I have knives everywhere.

I hate to bring this up to scare anyone but protect yourself! The bad guys are out there, and most are dumb. Be smart, have a plan, and be prepared.

I love you all and want you all to be safe.