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Carnivore Crisps

Carnivore Crisps Beef Liver

Carnivore Crisps Beef Liver

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Introducing the ultimate superfood: Grass-fed and finished Liver! Even if you're not a fan of traditional liver dishes, you'll love our Crispy Liver Crisps made with Redmond Real salt. They offer a milder flavor than sautéed or seared liver. These liver crisps are the crispiest and tastiest on the planet, providing a high-protein, keto-approved, and gluten-free snack option. Our liver is farmed in the USA, pasture-raised, and free from hormones. It's a lean, clean protein source that can replace your regular snacks. Try it and feel the difference in your energy levels!

  • Here are some key features 

    • -Pasture-raised
    • -Grass-fed and finished
    • -Sustainably sourced
    • - Sugar-free
    • - Farmed in the USA
    • - Gluten-free
    • - No hormones
    • - High in protein
    • - Keto approved
    • - Made with Redmond salt
    • - Crispy
    • - Lean, clean protein
    • - Snack replacement
    • - Carnivore approved
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