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Carnivore Crisps

Carnivore Crisps Bison 1.5 oz

Carnivore Crisps Bison 1.5 oz

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  • Introducing our exclusive Bison Brisket Crisps! Crafted from premium, grass-fed and finished bison meat, these chips are available in limited quantities due to the rare sourcing of the meat in the US. Bison is an incredibly healthy and lean source of protein, boasting lower fat and higher nutrient levels than other red meats. Our chips are now enhanced with brisket, delivering a tantalizingly light and crispy texture that will melt in your mouth with amazing flavors.
  • Here are the standout features:



  • - Pasture-raised
  • - Sustainably sourced
  • - Sugar-free
  • - Farmed in the USA
  • - Gluten-free
  • - No hormones
  • - High in protein
  • - Keto approved
  • - Made with Redmond salt
  • - Crispy
  • - Lean clean protein
  • - Snack replacement
  • - Carnivore approved

Indulge in the unparalleled experience of our Bison Brisket chips!

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